Google’s Duet AI is presently available in Gmail, Docs, and something else for $30 every month

Google's Duet AI

Google today announced that it is bringing Duet AI to its Workspace apps, including Gmail, Drive, Slides and Docs. Duet technology has been tested before and more than a million people have used Google’s remote assistants. It will now be available to anyone who pays for Google’s Workspace app. Google recently unveiled Duet AI at its I/O engineer meeting and touted several elements as support partners across your Google apps.

Duet can turn Google Docs frames into Slides decks and information from accounting sheets into diagrams. Duet can also be an innovative tool: it can generate email responses, create images and control sentence structure. In addition, it can find things on your drive and compile archives. One way to think of Duet is a mix of Clippy’s handy work-like temperament and ChatGPT’s creative capabilities. Duet is likewise a general term for an open element of many applications.

Duet in Google Meet refers to an overview of mechanical meetings with AI-based lighting and sound changes. A visit is a programmed review of a long string of text with no opportunity or desire to review it. Google charges $30 per customer for entry into the duet, mainly for large groups (Aparna Pappu, who heads the workspace, told CNBC that Google has not finalized estimates for more modest groups). That’s a similar value to what Microsoft charges for an AI framework called Copilot, which has similar features running in most Office applications.

In both cases, this is a big price to pay for an extraordinary set of new AI devices. The test for these devices is that the underlying AI model is flawed, or close to it, and a lot is at stake when dealing with basic business information. In the case of Google’s Versifier chatbot daydreaming about a movie that doesn’t actually exist, it would be pointless. Nevertheless, those who rely on Google’s AI certainly need to constantly look twice as hard. In case you happen to be a workspace customer, the duet starts to appear in basically every app you use.

At some points, it’s a separate menu that you can access by tapping the Duet symbol in the top right corner. In other places, you can ask Duet for help from inside an email or archive – like Gmail’s Meet symbol, if it’s confusing for your customers, you probably don’t have the choice to overlook Duet, whether you need it or not. With Duet, Google is directly complicating these menial tasks of Microsoft. Their devices are at the heart of the future for both major office suites, and both organizations recognize that AI can change the way we work. What’s more, if Duet and Copilot can show improvements to the phrase “I see you’re trying to create a resume!” If we can improve against AI, we might be on to something.

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